About Alsaaed

Alsaaed Foundry  for Manhole Cover & Tile Templates has been producing quality castings in Amman Jordan, The commitment to quality and service that started in 1976 is still the driving force behind Alsaaed Foundry  for Manhole Cover & Tile Templates  being recognized as the quality and service leader in the industry.

Quality And Process Control
The quality you receive in Alsaaed castings is the result of painstaking control and attention to detail. We closely monitor each step of the operation during the manufacturing process. Strict adherence to process standards assures "consistent quality" which is considered so important by specifies and owners.

Personalized Service
Each order, small or large, has the attention of one or more of our service department personnel. Each individual is trained to be thoroughly knowledgeable about Alsaaed products.

Proof Load testing
our compression testing machine can be made available to test the load bearing capabilities of any of our covers and grates. This information is available to you as a free service.

Casting Development Assistance
There are occasions when special job requirements call for an unusual casting Alsaaed does not have. Our Product Engineering Department will work with your engineers as you design castings that are suitable for your intended task. If you require details of your design, we are equipped to do this as a part of our service.

Recycled Materials
Alsaaed castings are manufactured from recycled materials including automobile bodies and other collected scrap irons.